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Whether battling impenetrable west coast salal, choking on clouds of mosquitoes in the high arctic tundra, or swimming thirty feet under on a single breath - it's all in an effort to bring awareness to the countless vanishing species and fragile ecosystems facing destruction. Here's a handful of photographs that best reflect my work over the past few years.


My footage has been seen around the world and has been aired on major networks, from CBC and Global in Canada, ABC and NBC in the United States, SF Television in Switzerland, and Fance5. I've worked with numerous camera platforms, not limited to the big Sony  F65, Panasonic VariCam, and Canon C300mkII.


Born on the west coast of British Columbia and immersed in marine biology through numerous years of employment with the Vancouver Aquarium, my imagery aims to bring awareness to the  forms of life that are rapidly being pushed aside. Canada is home to countless diverse and rich ecosystems, but the impact we're having on these shared environments has meant many species of plants and animals are disappearing at alarming rates. By capturing a vanishing landscape or fleeting species and sharing their story, I hope to spark interest from other individuals.


I've worked in Australia, throughout the Canadian Arctic - during both winter and summer, and countless remote locations along the west coast of British Columbia. I've crawled through the scat of a hundred sea lions, had frostbite blacken my nose and numb my fingers for weeks, been swept off of rocks into the ocean - all in the pursuit of capturing imagery and telling the stories that need to be told.


Every photographer has their specialty - mine happens to be getting to remote locations and capturing imagery no matter the conditions. That said I've done my share of event  photography, dabbled with corporate portraits, documented remote research work, and even set down a few pairs of sunglasses for the odd product shot. If you need something photographed let know what you're envisioning and I will make it happen. I'm based in Saskatoon, Canada but will jump at any opportunity to get out and about.


There are occasions when a photograph alone cannot convey every detail of an event, cannot express the effort required, cannot communicate the thought. For these instances words help tell the story. My blog is a collection of stories detailing adventures and expeditions, flora and fauna, and all things interesting encountered along the way. My blog can be viewed here.




Comments, question regarding pricing, just want to say hello? I'm all for sharing and helping others develop, if there's something here you've seen and would like to know how it was done - just ask.

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Images © Neil Fisher 2017