Toads and Bears!

So what if I visit the same place more than four times a year. It’s not just exploring and photographing awesome surroundings, it’s also a great workout! And as usual it’s also a great place to gaze upon loads of wildlife. If you’re interested in catching a glimpse of a massive western toad – bring a dog. Pigs find truffles, dogs find toads.

Western Toad

Walking along the trail to Widgeon falls watch what your dog sniffs along the way, they might not always be doing what you think they are. With that said just make sure they aren’t harming anything they may come across. A recent discovery in the area is a good reminder that Widgeon Creek and Pitt Lake is bear area so go prepared. Photographer Nick Didlick was fortunate enough to capture a grizzly on a remote camera in the upper Pitt Lake area. It’s common to encounter black bears in the area, but grizzly/brown bears are very rare. It’s thought the grizzlies are expanding their range.
Widgeon Falls

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