Canon EOS 5D mark IV Review

The Canon 5D series of cameras holds a reputation as a robust  camera capable of adapting to the most demanding scenarios. However, after waiting four years and a release that garnered more criticism than fanfare – has the new 5D mark IV broken tradition?

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  • Hi Neal, nice video review; saw twice ,-)
    You live in a wonderful place.

    Are you happy with the 5DIV so far? Any disappointment?
    I´m a Mark III user and I´ve been considering upgrading to the 5DSR for the resolution and the AA filter cancelation, but the new Dynamic Range of the Mark IV is very very appealing to me.
    I´m tired of banding and posterization; my fault sometimes (excessive editing) and the Canon lower D.R. and noisier sensors. Until now ,-)

    Maybe I prefer better D.R. and live with 30 megapixels. A trade.
    The AA filter… I hope it´s more gentle than in the past and one can save the files with a bit of sharpening. You tell me, please.

    I use 3 manual only lenses (two Zeiss and the Canon MP-E 65mm macro) and it´s hard sometimes to achieve critical focus in Live View. Thru the viewfinder it´s impossible; the green dos and the buzz aren´t reliable indicators (too much tolerance). The 5DSR has a unique 16x magnification in LV but maybe it´ s not a cure for manual focus. Just a more shaky image to view and not a real help.

    Again maybe I can trade the lack of 16x magnification for a higher resolution screen like the one in the Mark IV. Can you notice screen resolution difference between the Mark III and IV? I really hope so.

    I cannot give up on macro in manual mode and I love the Zeiss glass rendering, etc.

    Thanks in advance for you opinion.
    Best regards from a warmer place; Lisboa, Portugal .-)


    • Luis,

      I’ve been very happy with the performance of the 5D4. There’s nothing that I find truly disappointing, there are negative aspects that I was aware of prior to purchasing the camera: video codec and 4K crop.

      By the list of your lens selection, I assume you primarily shoot photos and don’t use the 5D3’s video functionality. In which case, I’m not sure the benefits of the 5D4 outweigh the 5DSR. The resolution of the 5D4 is good, but if you’re seeking higher resolutions – the 50 megapixels of the 5DSR will be more what you’re looking for. If you’re not relying on autofocus the 5D4 provides little advantage over the resolution of the 5DSR – that is if you’re not interested in capturing video. The resolution difference between the 5D3 and 5D4 is noticeable, however, it’s not nearly as noticeable the difference between a Nikon D810 or the 5DSR.

      The dynamic range of the 5D4 is greatly improved at lower ISO’s, but if you’re shooting macro photos with a good light setup – the 5DSR will provide similar results.

      I too love macro photography, but I’m not quite willing to give up my “generalist” gear selection for a macro specific setup… maybe one day.

      Really hope this helps you out a bit 🙂

  • Hi Neil,
    thanks a lot for your reply.
    I don´t work with video at the moment; used to. There are today better cameras for that; I guess. But I can if I need in the future with both cameras. Maybe not 4K but easy to edit with the 5DSR.

    I also use two AF lenses (Canon 1.4/50mm and 2.8/100mm macro L), but I don´t do fast photography.
    My work:

    The need for more megapixels has to do with a need to print Platinum prints. Are you aware of the technique?

    In a nutshell:
    RAW files/360dpi>Digital Negative/print transparency/print on paper by contact with UV light. XIX century method. Monochrome. 360dpi is a standard for Platinum prints.

    So the bigger the negative, the bigger the print.
    With my current 22mpx I can print a square crop with 25x25cm.
    With 50mpx I will prints bigger if I want.

    See my need for megapixels?

    I have little doubts that the 5DSR is the camera for me; only I´ve to keep being very very carefull with my shooting technique and editing (less plug-ins use) because the dynamic range is lower and the signal processing in camera is old design; so posterization, banding and noise are really easy to occur with my mark III, was the same with the Mark II and will be the same with the 5DsR.
    In 2017 I´ll invest in older technology for megapixels and AA filter cancelation ,-(

    This is the only things that put a doubt in my mind.

    The 5DIV is a new generation sensor with new signal processing design and much better D.R. and less noise at any ISO; even if I tend to shoot ISO 100 as much as I can.
    The AF capabilities of the 5DsR are at least the same as with my mark III and I´m happy with it.

    With the 5DSR I´ve to master even more my technique and use more a tripod or I´ll have blur images when I want them sharp. But sometimes I want very blur images too .-)

    Oh! and I finally avoid 99% of the AA filter (one day I hope for 100% ,-) in the 5DSR mark II.

    At the moment in Europe the 5DSR (€2998,00) is a bit cheaper than the 5DIV (€3378,00); not in my city. Here is bit more expensive due higher taxes.

    Allow me one more tiny question: the 5DIV Multi-controler button is better than it was? Is it the same you find in the 1Dx Mark II? Mine in sometimes “jumpy”; not precise.

    Thanks again.
    All the best,


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